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Let’s Talk About October

Let’s Talk About October

By Pat Cordray

We have made it! It is October and this is a heck of a gardening month. Planting seeds, bulbs, shrubs, trees and beautiful color plants is the name of the game. Get ready for some fun!


There are quite a few flowers that bloom in the spring that can be started from seed this month. Some of my favorites include hollyhocks, delphiniums, larkspur and especially, sweet peas. My mother, Mary, loved sweet peas and even had my father build a special fence for them to grow on. When I see sweet peas blooming, I think of my mother and her love of flowers that I inherited. Also, this is a great time for planting bluebonnets, poppies, foxglove and other beautiful spring bloomers. There are more seed for flowers, vegetables and herbs that can be planted now. Just come by the nursery or give us a call if you are not certain of what to plant now. Before planting your seeds check the package for any special directions that will ensure germination. Inspect seeds, broken seeds will not germinate; don’t waste your time planting them.

Bulbs are here! That signals that it is time to plant some and refrigerate others before planting. Now through November is the time to plant calla lilies, Dutch iris, leucojum, lycoris and ranunculus. Mid October through November plant daffodils. Hyacinths need to be refrigerated 4-6 weeks before planting in mid November to early December. Tulips also need refrigeration, 4-6 weeks, before planting mid December to mid January, so plan ahead. Try to keep the temperature in the fridge for the bulbs at 45-50 degrees and store them in a paper bag. Most bulbs would prefer a raised bed maybe under a deciduous tree; this gives them sun in the early spring and shade in the summer.

This month some wonderful fall flowers make their way to the nursery. We have dianthus, sweet alyssum, snow princess lobularia, lobelia, calendulas, snapdragons, marigolds, nasturtiums, calibrichoa, forget-me-knots, celosia, petunias, verbena, diascia, phlox and hollyhocks now. This month we will get violas, diascia, nemesia, cyclamen and delphinium. Later we will have pansies, so leave room for all of your fall favorites. Plenty of choices to make your containers and landscape more colorful than ever.  

Planting shrubs and trees now is a great idea! Pick the tree or shrub that will best fit your needs and yard when it is full- grown. You wouldn’t want to plant 2 live oaks in a small yard. For a small yard consider crape myrtles, Mexican olives, Mexican plums, redbuds or even shantung maples. We have many trees to pick from, here at The Nursery. Fruit trees, flowering trees, shade trees and even specialty trees like Japanese maples. We also have a large assortment of shrubs to fit into just about any landscape. Most trees and shrubs do not like standing water so don’t plant them where water stands after a rain. Get your tree in the ground and remember to not plant deep. We have a complete planting guide to help you with the planting. The number one thing is to water. Water a newly planted tree around the base of the trunk; it can take a couple of years for the roots to become established.

Plenty to keep you busy in the garden.

Have fun!




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