Let’s Talk about November 2015

Ah, November, can you believe that the year has sped by so fast?  I love this time of the year, with the cooler temperatures and the gentler sun.  So many plants, bulbs and herbs that are ready to be planted and with our fall temperatures it is easier to be in the garden to plant or just enjoy your own little private Idaho, he he he he. This is a great time of the year on the Texas Gulf Coast. Carter's sunburst


Wow, the color of the bedding plants is so intense; it is truly stunning to see all of the flats en masse.  Pansies, dianthus, lobelia, marigolds, calendulas, petunias, forget-me-nots, cyclamen, violas, geraniums, snapdragons, stock, pentas, phlox, calibrachoa and the brightly colored leaves of the croton, all of these plants are just spectacular this time of year.  When you’re ready to change out those summer stragglers for fall, winter and spring color we have a huge selection of color plants for you to design beautiful container plantings or plantings in your landscape.  We also have other spring bloomers such as sweet pea, foxglove and bluebonnets.  These plants wont’ bloom until early spring but they are worth the wait.  Yultide


When doing your containers or landscape be sure to leave room for bulbs.  The season for bulb planting is nigh.  We have a wonderful selection of bulbs that includes amaryllis, narcissus, lycoris, tulips, ranunculus, hyacinths, paperwhites, iris, calla lilies and daffodils.   Bulbs are easy to grow; outside, plant them in a raised bed or in containers.  Give most of them plenty of sun and water; and, ‘Bob’s your uncle’, you will have some of the most beautiful flowers anywhere.   After flowering allow the leaves to remain until they become brown.  The leaves are helping the next year’s bloom to be a success.  Inside, amaryllis, paperwhites (Ziva), and hyacinths work wonderfully for beautiful holiday color. The Ziva’s will bloom in 3-4 weeks, the amaryllis bulbs take 3-8 weeks to bloom (depending on variety); and the hyacinth bulbs will take 6-8 weeks to bloom. You can stagger your plantings to keep fresh flowers blooming in your home all season.  When the amaryllis is finished blooming indoors you can replant them in your garden for blooms the following spring.     Nuccio's Bella rosa


Daniel’s article will give you more information on how to force bulbs.  If you have any questions we also have a bulb class coming up to help you become an expert on bulbs.  Margaret Cherry is teaching this hands on class on Saturday, November 14th at 10am, hope to see you there.


Think about adding herbs to your containers and landscape; you don’t have to have a separate herb garden.  Herbs add texture and fragrance even without flowers. Just add a breeze; and they release their fragrance.  Think of having mint, lavender, rosemary, lemon grass, lemon verbena or (insert your favorite herb) wafting through your patio or garden.   Plant herbs that you could use in the kitchen to add a whole new dimension to your cooking.  Herbs can be so useful in many different ways.  This is herb-growing weather.  Get outside and get started, you will find your garden or landscape will be so much more enjoyable.

Glen 40

Camellias are blooming!  Come to the Nursery to see some of the most beautiful flowers on the property, this, of course, is my opinion.  These shrubs are easy to grow, yes, you heard me, easy to grow.  They are a dense evergreen shrub that blooms from October through about March depending on the weather and the variety of camellia you choose.  Plant camellias in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade in a raised bed with a rose or blueberry soil; these are acid loving plants.   Then water regularly (that’s everyday in the summer for a newly planted camellia), and fertilize.  See, you’re just four steps away from getting these amazing blooms.  What are you waiting for?



November is indeed a great gardening month!  Get outside and enjoy your garden.