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Let’s Talk About May

Let’s Talk About May

 I can tell it is May by just walking out my back door.  The blooms and the fragrance are jus20150416_070723t  in20150412_081529credible.  My oak leaf hydrangea, powder puff, firecracker  fern, angelwing jasmine, drift rose, Felicia and buff beauty  roses, red passion vine and pomegranate are blooming and it  looks and smells beautiful!  I love it!

  I haven’t done much cleaning and weeding in my back yard yet; my husband calls it my jungle.  I have concentrated on putting more herbs in on the side of my house where I have the most sun.  Everything in this bed is doing fine, even with all the rain.  It hasn’t melted my basil and the snails haven’t been dinning on it, just me.   I will finish cleaning out my beds and trimming things back into shape.   I am a little late getting this done but there is still time.  

When your azaleas and camellias are finished blooming you can trim, shape and feed them.  I use Azalea Microlife to feed these shrubs.  It works well with any of the acid loving plants this includes but definitely not limited to hydrangeas, roses, blueberries, magnolias and gardenias.  Apply azalea Microlife about 3 times a year spring, summer and fall.  

  This month is a great time to c20150416_070731hange out the winter and early spring planted containers, this is  on my list, too.  Put in summer heat loving plants for sunny areas like pentas, vinca, salvia,  zinnias, rudbeckia, gaillardia, angelonia, gaura, scaevola, blue daze, agastache, coreopsis,  amaranthus, snow princess alyssum, etc…  These plants will give you color all summer.  Don’t  forget about the plants that have fantastic leaf color like coleus, dusty miller and potato vine.  They can really take our summer and look beautiful doing it.   For a shadier area you might  consider torenia, begonias, impatiens, golden globes (I must say the golden globes are rockin’ it this month), Australian violets, mona lavender, snow – n-summer Asiatic jasmine, eustoma, nierembergia, balloon flower, burgundy glow ajuga, Persian shield, shrimp plants, etc… Some of these plants will add color with flowers the others will have great leaf color.  20150430_145940

May brings with it the heat and with this heat some plants will need more water.       Especially the plants you have added to your landscape recently or plants in containers and hanging baskets.  Use your finger to check the soil closest to the plant for dampness before you water.  The proper amount of water depends on the plant, sun, wind, rain and how it is planted.  If you have any questions just call us here at the nursery and we can help you to determine your plants water needs.

I hope with this beautiful month you get a chance to enjoy your garden.