Let’s Talk About March


Pat Cordray


I can finally say the word.  What word? Spring!!!!! Yes, I believe it is that time of year, finally.  March can be a most wonderful time for gardeners on the Gulf Coast.  You thought that February was a busy gardening month, well March could make your head spin.


We are less likely to have a freeze this month, but you know Texas weather, hot one minute, frozen the next.  If we do have a report of freezing temperatures for our area, check out last month’s newsletter to read about how to protect your tender plants. I just can’t bear to add that to March’s newsletter.


This month you can put your tomatoes out in the garden.  If it gets too cold, you can put an empty gallon container upside down over the plant and that should do the trick.  Remember to take it off as soon as we warm back up.  March is the time when The Nursery will have all kinds of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, squash, strawberries, and many more vegetables that are ready to plant in your garden.


March is officially hanging basket month, isn’t? If it isn’t then it should be.  We have so many different kinds of hanging baskets for sun or shade. Begonias, impatiens, fuchsia, lantana, petunia, verbena, mixed plantings, ferns, calibrachoa, bougainvillea, tradescantia, geraniums, dichondra, Australian violet, lysimachia and many more. This is the time to buy these huge blooming baskets full to the brim and cascading down with big juicy flowers.


If you want to plant your own baskets, well the time is right for that too.  All kinds of color plants are in and you can make your patio or landscape explode with color.  Geraniums, alyssum, lobelia, snapdragons, marigolds, begonias, dianthus, nasturtium, petunia, phlox, sweet pea, bacopa, bat face cuphea, gazania, hedera, verbena, Australian violet, lysimachia, and many more.  The sooner you get your baskets planted the sooner they will grow and add that beautiful color to your garden.  We do have a hanging basket class this month if you need assistance putting yours together.  Check out our web site, maasnursery.com, and sign up for the hanging basket class on March 5th.


Hopefully, you get a chance to visit The Nursery this month.  When you do, notice all the flowering and fragrant plants that are in bloom now. From trees to flowers, it is such a beautiful season. Some camellias are still blooming along with the sweet smelling blooms of Texas mountain laurel, sweet olive, banana shrub, and pink jasmine, love it.


Enjoy the fragrance of March