Lets Talk About July

Let’s Talk About July


Rain, rain go away little Patty wants to play, in my garden.  So…I still have to do the same things I needed to do last month.  Cutting back my jungle to be able to walk out the back door is the main item on the list.  I even have a plumeria lying on my chaise lounge, waiting for a spot in the garden, blooming without soil or sun!  I’m hoping for a rain free weekend to get all of this done.  


July is usually the start of Bug Season.  I’m sure the bug of the season will be, no surprise, the mosquito.  Be sure to protect yourself when working outside.  I try not to spray myself with chemicals but I use Skeeter Screen.  Skeeter Screen is a water based essential oil product that can be sprayed on skin or clothing.  We carrying this at The Nursery, it works!  


What about the bugs on your plants?  Mealy bug, scale, aphids, lace bug, leaf miner and white fly are a few of the pesky critters that can be a problem when the heat takes over.  What to do?  The best way to control these critters is to watch your plants and take action as soon as you see them.  I cut off and throw away, in the trash, any problems I see.  Some bugs can be jet sprayed off the plants.  Others bugs, you may need help to get rid of them. Neem Oil, Spinosad or Triple Action Plus may be just what you need.  If using any of these products, don’t spray the plant in the heat of the day; this will burn the leaves, spray in the early morning or the evening. Spray the tops and undersides of the leaves, stems and buds.  Don’t spray when bees are out.  If you have a butterfly garden, don’t spray.  


Usually, I would be writing about watering established and newly planted plants.  With all the rain we have had I just hope your plants have survived.

Get your mud boots on and garden anyway!