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Lady Banks Rose

VineLady Banks roses (R. banksiae) are really bushes with vine like qualities. These spring blooming shrubs can grow to 20 feet wide and 12 feet high. Lady Banks roses can be trained up and across fences, trellises. arbors or obelisks. They can also be grown as large arching shrubs. These beautiful plants bloom in spring for about 5 weeks. They are fragrant, thornless and practically carefree. Lady banks roses can be yellow (R. banksiae ‘Lutea’) or white (R. banksiae ‘Alba Plena’).

Like all roses, Lady Banks needs 6 to 8 hours of sun. They are tough and very disease resistant, fighting off blackspot like a pro. Plant Lady Banks roses slightly elevated in a sunny spot in your garden. Fertilize them with a rose fertilizer and keep them watered while they are establishing themselves. Lady banks roses can be pruned in the spring, after they bloom, to keep them at a reasonable size. The vines are evergreen because of our temperate climate, providing bright green foliage through out the year.

The arching stems provide shelter for birds and butterflies. The hummingbirds especially enjoy the cover for a place to rest. As children, my cousin and I used to have a secret hideaway under a white Lady Banks in my Grandmother’s garden. When I decided to enter the world of antique roses I planted a yellow Lady Banks against my fence with two pink fairy roses beside it. When these roses bloomed my garden looked beautiful, smelled wonderful and gave me one of my favorite garden memories. Try a Lady Banks rose in your garden. You will be very happy you did.