Joseph’s Coat

Alternanthera ficoidea (Alternanthera ‘Snow on the Mountain’)

Life: Tropical/Indoor Perennial, Texas Annual
Size: 12-18″
Light: Full to Filtered Sun
Water: Average
Soil: Neutral to Sandy


Related to the more well-known Joseph’s Coat, this plant is well-branched with small, beautiful snow-white leaves at its top, and is well-suited to container gardens. They tend to start off a little small and floppy, but with time and sun will fill out, stand up, and develop their colors; if they are kept too shady, the tops will not turn as pure a white and the stems will remain limp.

Alternanthera ficoidea (‘Grenadine’)

Life: Tropical/Indoor Perennial, Texas Annual

Size: 18″

Light: Full to Partial Sun

Water: Well-Watered

Soil: Neutral to Sandy



With bright burgundy leaves and rich pink veins, the leaves on this plant are striking and unique. Though a perennial in the tropics, it is frost-tender and is grown as an annual in Texas. It makes an excellent ground cover or container plant, and can be used alone or in a planting mix for interest. In the late summer or fall, small white flowers will appear along the stems, but the plant is not commonly grown for its flowers.

Alternanthera ficoidea (‘Party Time’)

Life: Perennial

Size: 24″

Light: Full Sun

Water: Drought Tolerant Once Established

Soil: Neutral to Sandy




With an upright but full growth pattern, this plant’s pink and green variegated foliage is highly eye-catching. It is easy to grow and works well in containers, becoming drought tolerant once it is established. They can be lightly pruned to check growth at any time. Though tender, they will often return after a mild winter if planted in a protected location with heavy mulch.