Hydrate with Herb Infused Water By Kim Messer


 by Kim Messer

As fall approaches, we will be spending more time outside in our gardens.  It is important to remember to  hydrate.  It is easy to drink water in the summer, but it is equally important to drink it all year long. Water is great for your skin, your digestive system, and of course, for hydration. I do a variety of herb infused waters to enhance the benefits of the water. One of my favorites is a Ginger Cucumber blend.  Ginger is thought to reduce muscle pain and inflammation.  It also may aid digestion and improve absorption of nutrients  while soothing the stomach.  Mint is an antioxidant and naturally soothing.  It is also thought to help with memory.  Lemons and Limes have antibacterial properties and provide a  naturally cleansing detox.  They also have electrolytes and vitamin C.  When these ingredients are combined with water, it is both refreshing and delicious.
Gingered WaterCucumber-Lemon-Ginger-Water
1 inch cube of peeled finely grated Organic Ginger
3 or 4 sprigs of Organic Mint
A squeeze of Organic Lemon or Lime
Thinly sliced peeled Organic Cucumber
2 to 4 quarts Purified Water
Combine all and chill overnight in a glass pitcher.  Serve in glass jars… Get your spice on!