Are you living your purpose? (Healing Garden)

Every morning I wake up thankful. Thankful that I am still here and I still have time to do what I am called to do. With all my heart I believe we are all here for a reason, a purpose. Finding your purpose is what living is all about.

For me, I believe I was called to love. I was called to spread love everywhere I go. I am constantly looking for ways in the words I use, in the places I go and the relationships, I have with others. I am always sharing with whoever will listen that love is just a choice. And with every choice, you have there is a reaction. For every act of love gets me closer to the source of LOVE. Love is what real religion is all about.

Before the transformation


Last year in December of 2015  I was able to participate in a Biker Toy Run with the Gypsy’s MC (Motorcycle Club). We did this at Shriner’s Children’s Burn Hospital in Galveston. We gave tons of toys and took a tour of the Hospital. It was there where I had a thought that would not go away. On this tour of the hospital, we came across a healing garden. It wasn’t much of a garden just a  bunch of Marble and some chairs to sit on. I thought about this area and I thought about how they were calling it a Healing Garden. This garden is a covered garden with very little sunlight coming in. The children can not be in the direct sun  with the severe burns that they have.

The After

I remember leaving the hospital feeling like I was supposed to do something about this healing garden. It was not very welcoming and rather dark.  It stayed with me daily. I began to pray on it.  I work for Maas nursery I knew we could do some amazing work in this Garden. After several months I finally gathered enough courage to ask my boss, Jim Maas, if he would be interested in helping the Shriner’s Hospital. Without even thinking, he said yes. A few days later he gave me a very generous budget. I really do work for the best small business in Seabrook, TX.

The Children loved the wood face.

The project took a couple of days to finish. The transformation was amazing. Not just in the garden  but in my heart.  I was not expecting the hospital to allow the children to help me. But the Hospital brought lots of children throughout the time I was there to help me plant and just be in the garden. I do not speak Spanish, all of the children that helped did. I do, however, speak love. Love is a universal language. Love is what allowed this healing garden to get a makeover. Love is what made all of this possible.

Unicorn Sign

I chose  very bright colors yellow and blue. I used lots of plants that need shade. Maas nursery has so many to choose from. I also used our miracle soil ( Maas organic soil ) It makes all the difference.  The children who came in were so frail and completely covered up. I knew they were hot in the garden, but they insisted on planting and helping. One of the children had such a hard time breathing  but he never gave up. He dug and he dug and he planted several shrimp plants. He loved how they looked like shrimp or shall I say camaron. That is shrimp in Spanish. 

So much love in all of those plants

I am very grateful for this experience. It has taught me a lot about who I am, what I can do and where I want to go from here. I hope in some small way that this has inspired you to choose love and let it grow and be shared with others.