Hardenbergia violacea ‘Walkabout Purple’ is a compact evergreen flowering vine that is beautiful!  In winter through early spring, wisteria-like clusters of sweet pea-like flowers bloom abundantly.  Walkabout Purple is a compact vine (3 ft x 3 ft spread) that climbs by twining stems.  It needs a trellis, fence or other support to remain upright. It can also be used for groundcover in large areas. The lance-like leaves are attractive when the plant isn’t in bloom. It also does well in hanging baskets.

Hardenbergia needs full sun to light shade and well-draining soil.  Once established, it is drought-tolerant, but make sure to keep the soil moist until then. Fertilize in spring just before new growth, and prune as needed to control spread. 

Hardenbergia attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  It is native to Australia and New Zealand and can tolerate desert or seacoast.  It is cold hardy from 10-20° F.