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Ground Covers

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Grasses & Groundcovers


Ornamental grasses are beautiful, versatile plants for the naturalistic landscape and the New American Garden. When established, they need little maintenance and water. They are the perfect companion plant for annual and perennial flowers, as well as conifers, trees, broadleaf evergreens and deciduous plants.Groundcovers are useful to cover large areas inexpensively. They often have flowers and interesting foliage to add appeal. When mature, groundcovers prove excellent in reducing weeds and maintenance.


Acorus Ajuga Alstroemeria Ardesia
Asiatic Jasmine Asparagus Fern Australian Violet Bamboo
Bear Grass Bermuda Grass Calylophus Catmint
Chameleon Chamomile Chrysanthemum Creeping Jenny
Creeping Phlox Fountain Grass Germander Giant Reed
Gulf Muhly Horsetail Reed Hosta Ivy
Japanese Blood Grass Junipers Lamb’s Ear Dead nettle
Lantana Lily Turf Mint Moneywort
Monkey Grass Nandina Oat Grass Oxalis
Pachysandra Pampas Peruvian Verbena Pigeonberry
Plantain Lily Polygonum Rosemary Ruellia
Ryegrass Sea Oats Sedum Society Garlic
Spider Plant Spiderwort St. Augustine Grass St. Johnswort
Strawberry Begonia Swedish Ivy Thyme Umbrella Plant
Wandering Jew Wedelia Wild Strawberry Wood Violet