Fruit Tree Ideas

This month you should consider some fruit trees for the yard. They are a great way to promote a sustainable, local and organic lifestyle. There are quite a few to choose from. We have many varieties, but below are just a few! Call ahead to find out what we have in stock.


Pears: Most Pears we grow on the Gulf Coast are usually the canning varieties. Orient Pear

Southern Queen – Upright, heavy bearer, pollinate with Akers or Southern Bartlett.

Akers Home – Spreading shape, large fruit, softens when ripe, pollinate with Southern Queen or Southern Bartlett.

Atlas Super Orient – A hard pear, for canning. This tree can live up to 25 years!

Orient Pear – Pyramidal shape, can grow to 30 feet tall. Medium to large fruit ripens later than rest of fruiting varieties (August – September). Used for canning or baking.



Methley- Grows 15 foot, self pollinating, red fleshed plum.Santa Rosa Plum

Santa Rosa- Grows 15 foot, red fleshed plum.


Persimmon: These trees do not thrive well in windy areas

Fuyu – The one you find in the store. Pick when fairly soft, otherwise it’s almost mushy. A  very pretty tree, even if you don’t like the fruit. Grows about 25 feet tall, produces in winter.

Hachiya – Same rules apply, grows 25 feet, not as sweet, more acidic, not as popular for taste as the Fuyu.


Figs:  Deciduous, spreading, self pollinating, Spring producing tree. Varieties grow

from 10-30 feet tall. Celeste, Brown Turkey, Black Italian, Gold and

Purple LSU are some of the varieties we have at the nursery





Citrus: Most citrus is around 15 feet at maturity, dwarf varieties grow 6 to

10 feet, most produce fruit from Nov-Feb

Lemons- Improved Meyer, Ponderosa, Panzanella Cluster)