Fringe Tree

Chinese Fringe Tree Chionanthus retusus
The Chinese Fringe Tree is one of the most exciting small, white flowering trees available for our landscape. It is a great accent tree to use as a background for Loropetalum or Red Buds. This small deciduous tree with a shrubby, spreading growth can reach 15′ – 20′ tall and 12′ to 15′ wide. So it can be used in small spaces as a focal point. It has very showy white blooms in spring with glossy green leaves after blooming. The Fringe Tree is one of the few trees that will come back and flower even after its first buds are nipped in a late spring frost. Hardy to Zone 6, 0 deg. F.Plant in full sun for best results; little pruning is required to maintain natural shape. Remove damaged branches to maintain appearance. Regular watering, but can be drought tolerant once established. Monitor newly planted trees closely, feeling the soil to check moisture level. The tree is a moderate grower. Fertilize in early spring and again in the summer, Microlife is an excellent fertilizer choice.
Type: Small flowering deciduous tree.Exposure: Full to partial sun.Blooms: SpringCare: Average watering.