Fall Landscape Preperation

November is one of my favorite months.  The holiday season begins in November when the temperature starts to fall.  Cooler temperatures lure me outside. You may sit and enjoy the view or engage in fall activities.  I like to spend quiet time in my yard contemplating both the past and the future.  My yard is full of many memories.  Plants from family and friends are everywhere.  They are such a pleasant reminder of someone we love.  For me, plants are the gift that keeps on giving.  I never feel alone in my yard.
      Cooler temperatures make for easier fall yard preparation.  It is a good time to weed the flower beds and mulch.  I like to rake the leaves and spread them out in the flower beds.  Your grass will like the fresh air and your flower beds will benefit from the leaves.  Leaves are nature’s mulch.  I will then put some hardwood mulch down on the top of the leaf layer for extra weed suppression.  The leaves will compost into the soil.  Good organic soil will help you grow vibrant thriving plants.  Your healthy yard will make a great pitstop for migrating songbirds.  Beauty Berries, Indian Hawthorn and Hollies are excellent food sources for migrating birds.  Always have a water source as well.  You want to have a full-service yard for maximum enjoyment.  Fun should be had by all who enter.  Bird-friendly yards are a good idea.  People like them as well. So, prepare for the holidays.  A clean tidy fall garden will help your plants weather the winter.  And then… Spring is just around the corner!