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Fall Is Here..

Well, fall is finally here.
Fall is a great planting season.
This month I want to talk a bit about one specific aspect of planting, fixing the soil.
The old saying in our industry is that you need to plant a one dollar plant in a two dollar planting bed. That is pretty true.
The quality of the soil is very important.
The goal needs to be getting the best root system growing. The way to do that is good soil.
Most of the native soils here are not that great for starting plants. Gumbo clay, hard to start healthy roots growing in tight soils.
One of our greatest challenges in clay soils is getting drainage. it is almost always best to plant in raised beds. Do not dig a big hole in the clay and fill it with nice loose soil. The hole can fill up with water, drowning the plant.
As you have probably guessed, if you know us, our soils are very good, full of compost and organic fertilizers.
A year or so ago a customer sent us a photo of side by side gardens. the left side is our soil, the right side is a cheaper dirt yard soil.
You decide.