Evergreen Wisteria

Evergreen Wisteria is a woody vine with glossy leathery leaves.  Unlike its cousin, the traditional Chinese wisteria , it is not invasive, although it is a vigorous sturdy vine.  It needs a strong support such as a pergola or metal arch.  The deep burgundy-purple blooms are very fragrant and it blooms summer through fall.  It can reach 15-20 feet and should be spaced 6′ apart.  Deadheading isn’t necessary but can encourage more blooms.  It’s cold hardy to 20 degrees F., and should it go through a freeze, will return from the root.  It prefers full sun but a half day is fine as well.  As with all vigorous vines, you may want to heed the old axiom, “Never let your vine grow higher than your ladder can reach”!