elderberry_detailElderberry is a large shrub or small tree which grows 8’ to 10’ feet in height. It thrives in wet or moist soil, making it ideal for areas in your yard that hold water. It is an amazing attractant for nectar feeders with it’s late spring through early summer clusters of sweet scented white flowers. The flowers are edible and can be used in baking, eaten raw, fritters, cordial and syrup making.

Elderberry Flower Fritter Recipe


The berries are edible and ripe when fully black and plump. The best uses for the berries are in baking, dried, cordial,or wine making. The raw berry has volatile oils in it, and is unpleasant to eat. Caution should be used with this tree as the bark and leaves are poisonous. The berries feed over 40 species of birds and white tailed deer, making this tree a great focal point in any landscape for human and animal foragers alike.  


Height: 8’-10’

Width: 8’ -10’

Cold Hardiness: down to 20 F

Full Sun