Eggplants are an easy to grow vegetable for our area. EggplantsThey need a warm sunny spot in the garden and room to grow. You can grow eggplants in containers or in raised bed gardens. They do better in raised beds because the soil warms faster for quicker maturity of plants and fruit. Eggplants like a slightly acidic soil with a ph of 6.3 to 6.8. Eggplants need water to produce plump fruit. Mulching your plants will help retain water for your garden and keep your eggplants healthy. Eggplants range in size from 18″ to 4′. Supporting your eggplants with a small tomato cage or other support will help the plant stay strong and keep fruit from laying on the ground. Eggplants are very versatile and can be baked, broiled, sautéed or grilled depending on the variety. We carry a large variety of eggplants at Maas so you can be sure to find the type that is right for your needs. Here are some eggplant varieties we carry.

Mighty Veggie Grafted Eggplants
    Grafted for larger, stronger plants that produce bigger and longer harvests.
    Better tolerates temperature extremes.
    Superior disease resistance.
    Dusky and Ping Tung Long varieties.
Black Beauty
    Heirloom variety from 1802 with dark purple/black 8″ long oblong fruit that ripens earlier than other varieties.
    2′ to 3′ high and 18″ wide.
    Spacing – 18″ apart
     Asian variety with purple striped, oval fruit with delicate mild flavor. Harvest early at 2″ or mature at 4″ x 2 3/4″.
     High yielding, spineless plants are 24″ to 30″ in height and 12″ to 18″ wide.
     Spacing – 18″ apart.
Cloud Nine
     Pure white, oblong 5″ to 7″ full size fruit that are sweet with no bitterness. Very disease resistant. A pretty plant in the garden.
     Semi cylindrical, non bitter, deep pink fruit on strong, high yielding plant.
     24″ to 30″ high and 12 t0 18″ wide
     spacing – 18″ apart
      2008 All American Selection with clusters of 3 to 6 deep purple fruit ranging from3″ to 10″ long. Perfect fot sautéing.
      Up to 3′ in height and almost 3′ in width.
      Spacing – 2′ apart
      Dark purple 10″ long fruit on large plants. Very popular in restaurants. Great for grilling and roasting.
      3′ to 4′ in height and 2′ to 3′ wide.
      Spacing – 3′ to 4′ apart
Louisiana Green

High yielding southern heirloom with light green 8″ to 9″ long cylindrical fruit. Rich nutty flavor.

    Tall plants produce high yields.
    28″ in height and 16″ wide
    Spacing – 24″ to 36″ apart
    Deep purple,slender Japanese variety with 8″ long fruit.Early maturity and high productivity. Very tender with minimal seeds
    18″ to 24″ in height and 16″ wide

     Spacing – 2′ to 3′.