Dig Deeper with Gloria King

Where do I even begin?

This apparently wasn’t the Best time to  Become a Gardener. Who knew we were going to have so many rainy days in April and May. My Tomatoes are SHOT! I was able to grow a few Sugary Tomatoes but The Big ones Hated this RAIN and totally revolted against it and decided NOT to grow. The leaves were sad and yellow and just plain Ugly. 

The Cilantro does better in the Fall. So I will be trying that again in the Fall and hopefully it wont DIE… again..

The peppers I grew are still growing. I realize now that Peppers are the easiest vegetable to grow. My leaves are so gorgeous. They have the prettiest white delicate flowers and the peppers are BEAUTIFUL and tasty and spicy. Did you know that a generous amount of organic matter (Maas Nursery has the Best Organic Soil around) helps the soil retain moisture, and moist soil is crucial for good pepper production. So thankful I used only Organic Soil from the Nursery. I do believe this is why My peppers did so GREAT, 

I have made guacamole and Bacon wrapped Jalepenos and a spicy Serrano Tomatillo Chile

So at least I have that for My enjoyment. Thank God we are a Family who enjoys a little spice in our Lives. 

Even though I felt incredibly discouraged and completely Sad as I watch my tomatoes literally suffocate to death. I still believe that if I just try harder and keep learning, keep studying and digging deeper within myself I can achieve My Dream in becoming a REAL Gardener. 

serrano bacon wrapped guac2