Thoughts From the Garden December 2017

 Family gatherings………

Thanksgiving, All the family tries to come together.

The last few years these gatherings seem to me more bittersweet, both happy and sad.

There is still the joy of seeing everyone. That is still the same.

Time with my kids and spouses,  grandkids, friends. That is still sweet.

But there are those who can’t be there, other commitments with their other families.

Them we miss but will see them later in the year.

Then there are those remembered who are gone, moms, dads, grandparents, kids,

 gone too soon. Them I miss more. The aunt who was always so full of joy. the kind uncle,

Them I miss more at Thanksgiving.

A father’s unconditional love and unending support. That I miss.

The first few Thanksgivings are all about playing with the cousins.

Then teen years about time with my girlfriend, and maybe sitting at the grownup table.

As young adults, finally being able to help cook, catching up with everyone, and of course keeping track of the kids, who are there to play with their cousins.

Then finally as “mature” adults taking on more of the duties of cooking the turkey.

All too soon, I’m the grandfather. Basking in the presence of the kids and grandkids.

Happy that all are well, most are here.

Eventually to be one of the elders. Only a few remaining, most are gone, not yet forgotten,

but soon.

See you in the garden.