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Daisy Bush

Euryops pectinatus  Euryops Pectinatus, The African Daisy, or The Daisy Bush, is one of my favorite plants.  Native to South Africa,  it is a popular evergreen shrub with a seemingly endless flowering season.  It has bright yellow daisy-like flowers extended on a 5 to 6 inch stalk with deep green narrowly divided leaves.  Once established, it needs only occasional watering which makes it perfect for Xeriscaping, the strategic use of plants to save water.  The Daisy Bush blooms almost year round making it a perfect colorful accent plant.  It is tolerant of salt air and is also deer resistant.  There are over 100 other species of Euryops. The Royal Horticultural Society has given the plant The Award of Garden Merit.  This shrub is low maintenance tolerating all types of soil conditions  including desert gardens and sandy soil.

The Daisy Bush likes full sun and well drained soil.  It can grow 3 to 5 feet tall and wide with 26-48 inch spacing between plants.  This low care extremely hardy shrub can be an Accent Plant, Garden Border or Low Screen Hedge.  It is a great plant to attract pollinators and butterflies. My plant is like an old friend consistently blooming in the corner.  I recommend this plant.