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Copper Plant

Acalypha wilkesiana (“Tricolor” Copper Plant)

Life: Perennial, but will Freeze


Size: commonly 3′, up to 6-10′


Light: Full to Partial Sun


Water: Moist, with Good Drainage


Soil: Fertile, Humus-rich


A spectacular tropical shrub with strikingly-colored leaves in a combination of bronze, pink-copper, deep copper, and rich mahogany. It also produces long, fuzzy flowers, but these are hidden inconspicuously among the foliage. Being tropical, it will grow larger and have brighter colors with lots of warm sun. Normally, they are considered annuals in Texas, though they will sometimes come back after a warm winter; a heavy layer of mulch will help protect the roots. Can be used like Coleus in mass plantings, or planted as individual focal points in the ground or in containers.