Copper Cups

Pentapetes Phoenicia, Copper Cups, or Noon Flower, is in the Mallow Family.  It is a long flowering upright shrub. The Noon Flower opens around Noon and closes the following morning.  It will bloom from early summer to mid fall. Scarlet flowers on dark green foliage.  This semi woody shrub has leaves with serrated edges which produce a dramatic effect in the garden. It is attractive to bees, birds and butterflies. The Pentapetes can grow 4 to 5 feet tall 3 to 4 feet wide. It likes full sun to part shade.  It is heat tolerant for zones 9-11, but will also flourish in damp soil.

Thomas Jefferson grew these from seeds in his garden in 1811. That makes, The Noon Flower, a great conversation piece for your garden.
Article and photo by Kim Messer