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One of my favorite vines is the clematis. Clematis has beautiful vibrant flowers in purple, pink, red, white, and blue. This time of year clematis is putting on a true show with their tendrils full of lovely blooms. After the blooms are finished clematis has very interesting seed heads. These seed heads can be used in floral arrangements or just leave them on the vine to enjoy.

The clematis here at the nursery are deciduous vines. Some are fast-growing, some are moderate growing. Some clematis bloom in spring, some bloom in summer and still others bloom in fall. Most will thrive in part to full sun, as long as the roots are shaded. There are even a couple that claim to be easy to care for.

Here is a list of some of my favorite clematis:


Clematis Niobe

Niobe Clematis

Blooms – Red flowers in late spring and Summer

Moderate grower

8-12′ long

Part to full sun



Clematis Multi Blue

Multi-Blue Clematis

Blooms – Double blue flowers in summer


6-8′ long

Part sun



Clematis Ernest Markham

Earnest Markham Clematis

Blooms – Large magenta flowers in summer


8-12′ long

 Part to full sun



Clematis Comtesse

 Comtesse De Bouchaud Clematis

6-10′ long

Blooms – Large pink flowers in late spring

Moderate grower

Part to full sun



Clematis Ernest Violette

Etoile Violette Clematis

Blooms – Purple flowers in mid-summer


8-12′ long

Part to full sun



There are many more to choose from here at the nursery. Clematis is a vine that can easily find a place in your garden and heart!