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Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactuschristmas cactus

        by Jennifer Gregory

Christmas Cactus is truly the gift keeps on giving. They are often called “generational plant” as their hardiness and ease of care will lead to one being passed from one relative to the next. This tropical cactus prefers cooler temperatures, and bright indirect lighting making it a superb specimen for the indoors. Christmas Cactus blooms in a weeping cascade of vibrant blossoms that cheer up any home during the dreary winter months.This weeping habit makes them perfect for use in hanging baskets where the plant can easily drape over the edges as they mature. Multiple colors can planted in the same hanging basket for a dynamic and eye catching arrangement.

This cactus thrives best when in an area sheltered from drafts of overly hot or cold air.In order to promote flowering again they need to be minimally watered, kept around 50 degrees and in an area where they get 12 to 14 hours of darkness. For more information please contact us at the nursery.