Cape Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle is a beautiful plant for your landscape or garden. It provides  wonderfully brilliant orange blooms almost year round. Cape Honeysuckle is evergreen except for extremely cold winters when it might lose its leaves.
The name Cape Honeysuckle comes from its native home ,Cape of Good hope, Africa. Although Cape Honeysuckle looks and acts like a honeysuckle plant, it is not a true honeysuckle. It comes from a different plant family than our normal honeysuckle vines. Cape Honeysuckle can be grown as a vine or shrub. It can be trimmed to any shape with a fair amount of pruning. The beauty of the blooms of this plant will reward you for your hard work.
Cape Honeysuckle is not picky about its growing space. it can be grown in either acidic or alkaline soil. It prefers sun but can also be happy in light shade. Once you plant your honeysuckle, give it some root stimulator to help establish a good, strong root system. All new plants should be watered regularly for the first year in their new home. After the first year, honeysuckle is drought tolerant and requires little water.
Another major plus for planting this honeysuckle is its attraction for wildlife. Birds ( including hummingbirds ), butterflies, and a host of other animals love this shrub. During our hummingbird migration your Cape Honeysuckle will be their first stop. Butterflies will make it a regular nectar stop. The shrubby growth habit of this plant also provides shelter for all kinds of wildlife.
Whether you are you are planning a tropical garden or a cottage garden, a Cape honeysuckle will fit right in its surroundings providing you with constant color and entertainment. Plant a Cape Honeysuckle . The birds, bees, and butterflies will thank you and you won’t be disappointed. 
Plant Profile:
Mostly Evergreen
Orange trumpet shaped blooms Spring – fall
Shrub 3 – 10 ft. tall
Vine 25 – 30 ft. tall
Sun to light shade
Best in zones 9 – 11
Any soil type