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Campella zanonia (Mexican Flag)


Life: Perennial


Size: 3′


Light: Full Shade to Filtered Sun


Water: Average, Drought Tollerant Once Established


Soil: Any


An extraordinary plant, reminiscent of a prettier Variegated Ginger. It has an erect growth habit with bamboo-like stems and longitudinally striped leaves in green and white, sometimes with a faint red margin. In summer, they will produce tiny white flowers held inspicuously close to the foliage. They are fairly easy to grow and propigate: while they prefer regular water, they can tollerate some drought surprisingly well, and will form clumps that may be divided or have stem cuttings taken and rooted. During a chilly winter, they may be deciduous, but will be evergreen during a milder one.

One major point of contention is their name and classification. They are also listed asTradescantia zanonia, and when listed as a Campella, no one agrees if it is spelledCampella or Campelia. Irreguardless of the name, however, it is still an excellent plant.