Calm in a Hammock Chair By: Deb Plavosky

In the May newsletter, I wrote about patience.  This month I thought I would write about patience’s best friend, calm and where to find it.  Calm is one of those words that exudes it’s meaning in the way it rolls off your tongue.   c   a   l   m.   Can’t you feel your tensed muscles relax just by saying the word?    There is so much power in some words and calm is one of the most powerful words I know.  Thankfully, calm is easy to find when you have a hammock chair on your back patio.

 I have written before about adding seating to your garden so that you can enjoy the place you have worked hard to cultivate.  This time, I am writing about providing yourself a relaxing and comfortable place to simply be and cultivate your own sense of calm.  I have found the perfect, relaxing and calming place to sit and, believe it or not, it’s in a hammock chair. 

 Nearly two years ago, I purchased two hammock chairs for my husband for Father’s Day.  The kids and I thought they were great and couldn’t wait for them to get put up on our back patio.  I don’t think, however, that my husband was quite as excited.  I think he was just worried about HOW they were going to be hung up.  So, though he was very appreciative, the hammock chairs stayed in their boxes in the garage until a couple of weekends ago.  That’s when the boxes were uncovered and that feeling of ‘I guess I better do this now’ overtook the dread of actually doing it, and those hammock chairs went up.   Easy. 

 Hung with swivel hooks from the ceiling of our patio, the hammock chairs were an instantaneous hit with my family.  I didn’t realize, however, just how much I was going to enjoy them.   Of course we all took turns checking out the chairs – my youngest spinning until she got a little dizzy and then she leaned back and took a nap.  My husband sat with his legs crossed and his feet caught in the bottom of the chair for a nap too.   Me, I put my feet down and rocked back and forth.  It is the best rocking chair I have ever experienced, and I’m not just trying to sell you a hammock chair.  The hammock chair supports your whole body and you can easily adjust in it to find your own comfort zone.  It’s soft and comfortable and super easy to get in and out of.

 Since that first day, I have found that I most enjoy having a little time to relax in the hammock chair for about 15 minutes before I head to work in the morning.  That’s 15 minutes of quiet – the kids have all gone to school and my husband is usually deeply involved in work.  That’s 15 minutes where I cultivate my calm for the day.  So, I take that time to swing or rock and relax while I empty my brain.  I listen to the birds, the wind blowing and the neighborhood activity; even that beeping from backing up vehicles is not as obtrusive when I am in the hammock chair.  If there is a little breeze I can close my eyes and just be in the moment – sometimes that leads to daydreaming of tropical vacations and sometimes that leads to a little siesta.  Either way, it’s a calming way to start the day.

 So, the hammock chairs that I bought for my husband two years ago were really a gift for the entire family.  I suggest, if you have never tried to sit in one at the nursery, that you give it a shot.  Even those that are not as mobile as they used to be may find hammock chairs very comfortable and it’s easier than you would think to get in and out.

 My chairs are hung with swivel hooks ($25.99) from the 8’3”ceiling (guaranteed for up to 300 lbs.), but there are a few options for stands available at the nursery as well.   The Atlas freestanding wood stand runs $399.95, the Luna freestanding metal stand runs $189.99 and the Palmera metal stand that leans against a wall runs $99.90.  All stands have to be assembled, so good thing you will have a hammock chair to relax and find your calm when you are all done.  The hammock chairs themselves are available in three colors – rainbow, mocha and sorbet and are $79.95.  All prices listed are current, but are subject to change.hammock hook

 Father’s Day is coming up Sunday, June 21st.  If you are looking for a way to foster calm in your garden or on your patio or in your favorite Dad, please look into our hammock chairs.  Just don’t take two years to get them out of the box to enjoy.            Hammock1