BougainvilleaBougainvillea is one of the most beautiful vines. It comes in gold, purple, hot pink, light pink, and white.

 They are evergreen and can grow as a shrub, trimmed into a standard (tree form), or trained on a trellis. The only negative that a bougainvillea has are the thorns; these thorns help them to hang onto a trellis. Thorns are also a way to keep someone out of a particular area. Feel free to prune it back because it blooms on new growth. Bougainvilleas are fast growers and when grown as a vine can reach 15′-30′ in length. Bougainvilleas can be planted in beds, pots, hanging baskets and they will be happy with full sun and reward you with lots of blooms. Bougainvilleas are very hardy plants. They are wind-resistant and salt resistant. They like dry feet (so let them dry out between watering). Pests don’t really like them  and they are not particular about the soil they are planted in (it just needs to drain well).




Type: Vine

Color: Various colors including dark purple, gold, pink, white.

Garden habitat: Hanging baskets, containers, fence or trellis.

Season: Bloom any month as long as the weather is warm enough

 Exposure: Full Sun.