Blue Daze

Blue Daze (Evoloulus) is a semi-woody tropical annual that makes a great summer annual! It has blooms on low spreading foliage with fuzzy grey-green leaves. It gets about 4-8 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide. Blue Daze blooms a shade of blue that is hard to find and goes great with anything, especially yellow. The blue daze can be used as a ground cover or in a hanging basket or container because it trails nicely. It blooms continuously spring through summer, with each bloom lasting only 1 day (opens in morning and closes by late afternoon).

Blue Daze does well in poor, sandy soil. It tolerates our summer heat but needs regular watering until established and prefers well-drained soil. It likes full sun but can take partial shade or afternoon shade. It is also tolerant of salt.


Type: Annual

Season: Spring – frost

Color: Blue/Sky Blue

Exposure: Full Sun – Part Shade.