bench9Dreaming of a beautiful garden with a tranquil area to relax and ponder the world?  Who isn’t?  Well, one of the first things you will need to make this happen is a garden bench.  Tranquil implies calm and quiet and, to me, comfort.  You can’t be tranquil if you are uncomfortable.   Getting off your feet and having a sit in beautiful surroundings is rejuvenating, healing and just plain wonderful.  You need a garden bench. 

 Often when people plan their landscapes, they forget to include a place to sit and enjoy the beauty.  Otherwise, you are out there to work (planting, weeding, watering, playing plant doctor, etc) and not really enjoying the space as much as you could.  With a bench you can sit and have cool glass of lemonade in the summer or hot cocoa in the winter.   With a bench you can read a book.  With a bench you can reflect and scheme and write (or not, I know there are people out there who don’t like to write….).  With a bench you can just sit and admire the beauty around and make plans for the next season.  A bench is a gardener’s best friend and the best friend of everyone else in the gardener’s landscape too.

 So, where do you start?  Well if you haven’t been under a rock, there are lots of garden bench ideas on – from the complex orbench6 expensive to down right cheap and easy.  But, what if you are busy or choosy or craft challenged or on a budget or just don’t have the time or energy to DIY?  Well, that’s where we come in.  We have so very many benches to choose from.  We have wooden, metal, concrete, granite, and even petrified wood benches.  We have them in a range of prices and with a range of themes (modern, whimsical, traditional, country, natural, religious, and many more).   You should be able to find a bench that fits both your budget and your mood.  Please, if you don’t have a place to relax and enjoy your garden, think about getting one.   You won’t regret it.