Beauty Berry – Variegated


Variegated Beautyberry “Duet” is the first variegated cultivar. The leaves are edged in a creamy white trim. The flowers form in petite white clusters along the arching branches. Once pollinated the flowers will then grow into radiant white berries. Beautyberry is a deciduous shrub for zones 5-9 that is hardy, low maintenance, disease and insect resistant. It grows in a rounded form from 4’ to 6’ tall and slightly wider spread. It can be trimmed back in late winter to early spring to promote more compact growth. Trimming the plant back will also promote heavier flowering. Beautyberry grows best in medium moisture soil, neither too wet nor too dry. For ideal flowering and fruiting plant it in more sun, for stronger variegation, partial shade. Moderate shade with early morning sun for the best of both worlds. The shrub makes an excellent border plant, and many birds will feed off of the bush. The leaves tend to drop in the late fall with the berries hanging on for a few more weeks after.