Bay Laurel


Bay Laurel or Sweet Bay is an evergreen tree or shrub that originates in the Mediiterranean. The botanical name is Laurus noblilis. Bay trees are grown as both decorative plants and culinary herbs. Plant your bay tree in full sun to part shade. In tree form the Bay can reach up to 35 ft. Bay Laurels also do well in pots and make great statement pieces in the landscape. Bays are evergreen and provide year round color in the garden. The Bay is slow growing and only needs moderate water once established. Bay leaves are used in all kinds of culinary recipes and especially in Mediterranean and Italian cooking. Bay is a very easy tree to take care of and its nice to have fresh bay leaves right outside your door.
12-15 ft. shrub or 20 to 35 ft. tree Slow growing
Pyramidal in shape
Zones 5-9
part to full sun
deer resistant