Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

Bald Cypress by Maas Nursery


This conifer sports unusual, green, fer
n-like foliage that resembles needles and turns a coppery bronze in fall. It grows moderate to rapidly 50 to 70 feet tall and 20 to 30 feet wide. The tree is adaptable to a wide range of soils and moisture conditions growing in dry dry areas or swamps, and it displays very good wind resistance, seldom blowing over.
It will however make cypress knees (roots) that come as much as a foot or more above ground. The knees are more likely in wet areas.
You see these trees along the River Walk in San Antonio.


50-70 Feet


20-30 Feet

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 5 – Hardy to -10 to -20(F)

Sun Exposure: sun


Graceful arching form with bright green needles and very interesting winter garden form makes this a unique selection for any landscape or garden. It’s a decidious conifer that tolerates the wet conditions, standing water and full sun. This fast grower matures at 20 feet tall.

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 6 – Hardy to 0 to -10(F)

Sun Exposure: full sun to light shade


Montezuma Cypress

Montezuma Cypress and weeping Montezuma Cypress Trees … a very gracious brilliant green slender-leaved tree that can grow to 40′ wide and to 40′ tall in our area. This makes it a great lawn or street ornamental tree for Texas. Mostly evergreen the Montezuma Cypress tree is disease and fungal free and drought tolerant.Pretty green cones grow on the branches in spring and turn to seed in fall. The Montezuma does not grow knees from the roots like its sister tree, the Bald cypress. Montezuma trees were used in pre-columbian times and also in Japanese gardens. The spectacular Montezuma Cypress over 2000 years old in Tule, Oaxaca Mexico is over 160 ‘ tall, 164’ wide and stillgrowing! This shows the great tolerance of the long lasting beautiful tree.This tree can also be found along the River Walk in San Antonio.Montezuma cypress DO NOT make knees!!


Type: Evergreen

Exposure: Best full sun

Blooms: Spring cones

Highlights: Disease & fungal-free and drought-tolerant