Azalea – Bloomathon


So there is a new kid on the block. Bloom-A-Thon azaleas are a new variety of azalea that blooms more than once a year. If you are looking for an evergreen shrub that will bloom spring, summer and fall this might be the shrub for you. Bloom-A-Thon azaleas do best in shade to morning sun; the plant will get flower scorch in full summer sun.

Believe it or not the bloom period from July to August is the best display of flowers for the Bloom-A-Thon azaleas. So you get a first bloom in spring lasting several weeks, then the shrub will rest. Then in early July it gets ready for its second bloom period, July to August, which is more amazing than the spring bloom. Bloom-A-Thon azaleas just keep on putting out blooms until the cold weather sets in.

How can you get the Bloom-A-Thon azaleas to give you the best summer blooms ever? Cut the azaleas back slightly after the spring bloom and fertilize. This will give you the most new growth that will give you an incredible summer bloom.

Type: Evergreen Shrub

Exposure: Morning sun – full shade.

Colors: Pink, lavender, red, white.

Height: 5-6′ at maturity.

Growth rate: medium.

Blooms: 4-6 weeks in spring, blooming again 12-16 weeks summer – fall.

Notes: Hold their bloom through summer heat until winter; pink is a double bloom; foliage is disease-resistant