Austin City Limits: My First Black Angels Show

By: Gloria Cadena

To be honest I am not a typical fan. I am a Fan of the Nursery a fan of Jim and Carol. I am a fan of Music. That being said I am a Fan of Alex Maas. Mainly because I love my bosses. It is a joy to hear Jim Maas talk about his kids. To talk about his son.

I have heard many of The Black Angels songs, sitting in Jim’s office. They have a unique sound. Alex has a unique voice. A voice that is his own sound.

My daughters are huge music lovers. This year I decided to get them and myself 3 day passes to Austin City Limits music festival.

The Black Angels were one of the bands.  We made it a point to stop what we were doing and check out my bosses sons group. He drew such a crowd. All ages from the older to the teenagers. It is real music, real lyrics, real instruments, a girl drummer and just really entertaining. 

I must admit “Austin psych”, the genre of music that is The Black Angels is very chill.  I have never personally met Alex, but watching him do his thing at ACL, well I felt like a proud sister. I knew Dad, Jim Maas was, is a proud father.