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Atrazine By Jean Griffin

icon-atrazine-lets-get-it-banned-328Atrazine is a very powerful weed killer found in combination with synthetic fertilizers in commercial “weed and feed’ type products.  It is actually the number one herbicide produced by the largest herbicide/pesticide company in the world.  While it does not hurt grass, it is pretty lethal to broad leaf plants, shrubs, and trees.  Every spring here at Maas we have customers come with leaf samples showing various signs of “burn” or blistering, sometimes plant sickness or death, and these are from trees and shrubs not prone to disease.  After covering water issues, one of our first questions is, “What fertilizer are you using on your lawn?”  Most of the time the answer is one of the big name “weed and feed” products.
But there are other reasons to consider why you do not want to use Atrazine products on your property.  Dr. Tyrone Hayes, of the University of California, Berkeley, was asked by its manufacturer to study the effects of Atrazine on amphibians. The results of his studies were so disturbing that he was asked to keep them “quiet”.  At low levels, .1 parts per billion, frogs developed with sexual organ abnormalities. For example, one frog could have 2 testes, 2 ovaries, another large testes, and more ovaries.  Other frogs grew eggs in their testes. Some of the male frogs mated with other males and laid eggs, actually becoming females. It has been shown in Dr. Hayes’ studies that Atrazine actually converted testosterone into estrogen, which chemically castrates the male frogs and promotes cancers in humans. Atrazine-Causes-Hormonal-Impairment-Hemraphroditism-and-Death-2Ban-Atrazine-Poster-550
If you personally investigated Atrazine, the first ten or more pages of an internet search would turn up with pro-Atrazine articles. A better search would be to hear and read the work of Dr. Tyrone Hayes online; a good one is a YouTube found under the heading “toxic baby Tyrone Hayes”. The entire European Union banned this herbicide because of his research in 2003, while our United States EPA reregistered the compound that same year.
Here is one link to get you started:  https://youtu.be/eiYnZev-LPo