Asian Garden Seat


For the last few years, barrel-shaped ceramic stools have been a popular decorating accessory, adding luster, color or texture to a space while serving as little side tables or room accents. When we saw how glamorous and bright these stools are we had to have some for our Nursery for our customers to purchase.



Garden stools were first created in China as wooden drum styleIMG_3428 stools. Starting some 3,000 to 4,000 years ago the Chinese were beginning to move from a floor mat based living environment to a raised living environment.  As with any major change these changes came first to nobility and the elite classes.  ( The wealthy, the rich)

IMG_3427Although these ceramic drum-shaped stools have been exported to the West for about 300 years, it is only since the mid-20th century that they have gained such currency in American interiors — and exteriors. IMG_3424