Aristocrat Flowering Pear

Aristocrat Flowering Pear



Key identifying features- Wavy leaf margins in summer; popcorn flowers in spring.
Common name- Aristocrat pear
Scientific name- Pyrus calleryana – ‘Aristocrat’
Mature height- 40 feet
Mature spread- 40 feet
Form- Pyramidal in youth, maturing to a broad, oval form.
Fruit-Inconspicuous, persistent brown nut holds on to the tree for up to a year; not a significant litter problem.
Flowers- Large white flower clusters bloom in April, coating the tree for at least a week before the leaves emerge.
Foliage- Deciduous; dark green in summer, turns regal red in fall. Leaves are alternate, simple, ovate and have wavy margins that flutter in a summer breeze creating a performance in both sight and sound.
Growth rate.. Fast (two feet per year).
Culture- Tolerates most soil types including alkaline and clay; is pollution-resistant and tolerates both drought and wet soil, though a well-drained site is preferred. Grows best in full sun.
Best time to prune- In spring, after the blossoms have fallen. Prune regularly to maintain strong L-shaped branch angles.


Light Needs:

Full sun
Watering Needs:

Once established, needs only occasional deep watering.
Average Landscape Size:

Pyramidal tree 15 ft. tall, 12 ft. wide; to 36 ft. tall, 16 ft. wide in 15 years.
Key Feature:

Brilliant fall color