Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia plants are also known as Cane Begonias, though the more fantastical Angel Wing description seems to be the most fitting. The Angel Wing Begonia gets its name from its wing-shaped foliage that rises from stems quite similar to bamboo. The leaf coloration can range from deep mahogany to pale green and all shades in between and will often have white or silver accents or spots. The Angel Wing Begonia yields delicate clusters of dangling blossoms in a palette of whites, pinks and reds.

Most often used as a year-round house plant, the ideal growing conditions for the Angel Wing Begonia include good air circulation, high humidity, constant moisture and a lot of indirect, natural light. The brilliant foliage coloration of the Angel Wing Begonia is directly related to the amount of light it receives. It can also be grown outside in partially shaded areas. The Angel Wing Begonia is the perfect container plant for your spring and summer patio, then can be brought inside in the fall and winter; its colors are the perfect accent for fall and winter decorations.

One of the most prolific bloomers is the Dragon Wing variety, blooming from spring arrival until frost, surviving our hot Houston summers with minimal care. They come in both pink and red and make excellent container plants as well as hanging basket plants. I have had a red Dragon Wing blooming in my kitchen window since purchasing it early spring and have enjoyed it’s continuous blooms, it will let me know by drooping when it needs a drink.


Type:  a perennial if the weather is good

Season: Spring/summer; indoors year-round

Color: Red, pink, white and some shades of orange

Exposure: Partial shade.

Angel wing begonias are large group of Begonias united by the shape of their leaves, which are elongated hearts shaped a bit like folded angels’ wings. Like all Begonias, they should be protected from hard frosts and direct burning sunlight. They come in a variety of cultivars with different sizes and colors as described below:

Albopicta A bushy grower with white flowers and small green leaves with silver spots.
Calico Has red flowers and medium-sized bronze leaves with very irregular silver markings.
Catalina A prostrate grower, as opposed to upright, it has pale pink to almost white blooms and glossy dark green leaves that are almost black.
“Charm” Series Has double pink or red flowers and variegated leaves.
Cherryblossom Has double pink and white flowers with waxy leaves.
Convolvulacea A large trailing grower that has small white flowers appearing during winter and spring in large clusters and shiny light green leaves.
Dainty Spray It has both upright and trailing stems with pink flowers and small, dark, bronzed leaves.
Diana A large, cane-type grower with pink flowers and shiny, apple-green leaves.
Down Home A bushy grower with hot coral flowers and dark green leaves with a burgundy underside and toothed edges.
Flamingo Queen Has pale pink flowers appearing in large clusters and large, 5″ x 12″ leaves with large silvery-white spots.
Hot Tamale Has lipstick-red flowers and fluted dark green leaves.
Jean Pernet A very bushy grower with light salmon-pink flowers and small copper leaves.
Kristy Has bright pink flowers and large leaves that are dark green, almost black, with a bronze cast and large silver dots and dashes.
Lady Carol Has double red flowers and waxy leaves.
Lady Francis Has double pink flowers and waxy leaves.
Lady Snow Has double white flowers and waxy leaves.
Laguna An arching grower with showy coral flowers and dark green leaves with white spots.
Lois Burke A compact, bushy grower with bright orange flowers and small, shiny, bright green leaves with small silvery-white spots.
Looking Glass An upright cane grower with large silver leaves that rarely blooms.
Matchmaker Has rosy-pink flowers and very large, 5″ x 14″ leaves that are shiny green with large silver-white spots.
Midori/Troutleaf An upright, bushy grower with pale pink flowers and medium green leaves with many small silver spots and burgundy undersides.
Miss Mummy Has rosy-pink flowers and medium-sized blackish-green leaves with large silver dots.
My Special Angel A nicely compact grower, 14-18″, with pink flowers and medium sized green leaves with silver spots.
Nokomis A bushy grower with pale pink flowers and moderately large, olive green leaves with silver dashes.
Orange Rubra An open, semi-trailing grower with bright orange flowers and shiny apple-green leaves.
Orpha Fox Has bright pink flowers and dark green leaves that are heavily dashed with silvery streaks and a toothed edge.
Polka Dot Has white flowers and medium-sized, dark green leaves with many silvery spots and a burgundy underside.
Pinafore A compact grower with bright reddish-coral flowers and medium sized, bronzy-green leaves with a burgundy underside.
Pink Shasta A bushy grower with pink flowers and medium-sized, unspotted, shiny green leaves.
Red Coccinea A large grower with red flowers and medium green, shiny leaves.
Richmondensis A large grower with red or pink flowers and small, slightly hairy, medium green leaves.
Salasifolia A large grower with white flowers with pink edges and medium-sized, shiny green leaves with silver spots.
Sophie Cecile Has medium pink flowers and dark blackish-green leaves with silvery spots and streaks and a jagged edge.
Snowcap An upright grower with red flowers and medium green leaves smothered in small white dots.
Spotted Diana A large grower with salmon-pink flowers and bronzy-green leaves with silvery spots.
Tom Ment A bushy grower with pale pink flowers and medium-sized, bronzy-green leaves.
Torch Has coral-red flowers and dark, blackish-green leaves with a burgundy underside.
UO-62 An upright grower with small, fuzzy, bronzy-green leaves with pink spots that rarely flowers.
White Shasta A medium-sized grower with large clusters of big, white flowers and medium sized, apple green leaves with a few silvery spots.