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amaryllisAll About Amaryllis – by Pat Cordray

Amaryllis may come from South America, South Africa or Holland, but wherever these bulbs may come from they are an outstanding perennial for our area. Amaryllis blooms are large single or double trumpet shaped flowers that bloom in a wide range of colors from white, red, pink, green, orange and shades of these colors, depending on the variety. Indoors or outdoors these beauties can be planted in the fall and winter. When planted indoors you will have blooms in 6-8 weeks. Outdoors your amaryllis can bloom in March, April or May.

Amaryllis can be grown indoors, forced, in any zone. When forcing indoors use a pot that is just slightly bigger than your bulb and a good quality soil. Mix in rock phosphate to enrich your soil. Plant the bulb so that about half of the bulb is above the soil line. Once planted and watered place pot with bulb near a sunny window move as the flowers start to bloom to prolong the life of the flowers.

Most amaryllis get from one to two feet tall with large flowers so the flower stalks may need to be staked. I have done 3 bulbs in a terra cotta window box, this looks spectacular. I like to use heavier pots for my bulbs, so no tipping over. As the blooms finish cut the stalks about 2″ above the bulb, do not cut off the leaves. When amaryllis bulbs have finished blooming plant them outside in the garden.   Allow the leaves to continue to grow through the summer so that your amaryllis will grow and bloom next spring. When planting your amaryllis out doors pick an area of your garden that is raised and gets morning sun. Loosen the soil, mixing in rock phosphate and a little sharp sand for extra good drainage. Amaryllis look amazing when planted in groups, allow about a foot between bulbs. Plant the amaryllis up to the shoulder of the bulb keeping the neck above the soil, water well, and then keep soil slightly moist. Water and feed regularly and you should have beautiful spring flowers that return year after year.

Amaryllis bulbs are in stock at the nursery so come in and shop for your favorites. Below is a list of the amaryllis we have. (Please call first to make sure we still have your pick in stock)

Name                           Color                           Height

Royal Velvet                  Velvety Red                  14-16″

Lemon Lime                  White/Green               14-16″

Nagano                         Coral Apricot                14-16″

Aphrodite (dbl)              White/Pink                  14-16″

Double Dragon (dbl)       Reds                            14-16″ 

Elvas (dbl)                    Whites/Reds                 14-16″

Prelude                         Reds/Whites                14-16″

Blushing Bride               Pinks                            14-16″

Wedding Dance             White                           14-16″

Dancing Queen (dbl)      Pinks                            14-16″

Charisma                      Reds                             14-16″

LaForest Morton            Deep Pinks                    16-24″

Red Pearl                      Crimson Red                 18″+

Baby Star (mini)            Reds/Whites                 18″

White Nymph (dbl)        White                            12-24″

Bogota                         Red/Salmon                   24″+

Donau                          Pink                              15″ 

La Paz                         Red/Green                     24″

Lady Jane                    Apricot Rose                   20″

Papillio                        Scarlet Tan                     18-24″