Amaryllis Bulb in a Pot

If you are in need of a Christmas present for someone who has everything or maybe a hostess gift for a party, come in to Maas. We have many unique things for every type of person. One of my favorite things here at the store is our “Amaryllis Bulb in a Pot” gift. You can put this gift together starting at $14 so it is very affordable and provides indoor decoration and many years of enjoyment when planted outside. We have Olaf, Bolero and Superstar bulbs for $7.99. These are beautiful bulbs that will naturalize in your garden and provide multiple bulbs in a few years.
     To make our Amaryllis in a pot you first purchase the bulb of your choice and the terra cotta pot and saucer.
     Place the bulb in the pot and put the saucer on top as a lid.
     Use any kind of holiday ribbon to tie the saucer and pot together.
     Go out in your garden and find things to decorate your pot. I used Camellia blossoms.
      There are so many ways to decorate your pot. You can paint them with regular paint or chalk board paint. I like the chalkboard painted pots as herb pots after the Amaryllis have been planted outside. Use ribbon. glitter or decorate with fall leaves to make the pot festive You now have a wonderful present ready to give at a moments notice,