Agaves are perennial succulents. They like dry sunny conditions. Agaves are great in the garden or in a pot. They have thick fleshy leaves and they flower on a long stalk. The plant dies after flowering but leaves behind pups to take its place.

Few plants can match the eye catching, stop you in your tracks sight of an Agave Americana or Century Plant. This plant has a towering 10-15 foot tall spike.  This spike is topped with hundreds of flowers growing in a tiered fashion up the spike. Producing this flower sadly depletes the reserves of the plant. However, the Century Plant propagates through pups clustered close to he original parent plant, so there is an excellent chance of having a generational show piece.

In our climate you can expect the agave to live 10-25 years before producing a flower. There are several varieties of Agave Americana.  A personal favorite is the Agave Americana Marginata or August Folia Marginata.  The striking blade shaped leaves are lined with pale yellow variegation.  As with most succulents Agave is drought tolerant, enjoys lots of sun and has a very high heat tolerance.  You may need to be careful of overwatering if it is planted in our clay based soil.