Please feel free to print out these instructions and bring them with you on your exciting journey to MAAS Nursery.

What to bring….

1. As big a vehicle as you can get cause you’ll want to buy everything you see.

2. Tennis Shoes or hiking boots cause IT’S SO BIG!

3. A compass and personal survival kit in the event you get lost! (Just kidding) It is big, but our friendly staff is always close by.

4. Pack a picnic cause you won’t want to leave (or eat just before coming).

5. Your wallet, purse, checkbook, credit cards or gold bullion. (We don’t accept first born children any more. It costs too much to feed and clothe them!)

From Houston…….

Travel South on the Gulf Freeway heading to Galveston. Exit at Nasa Road One in Clear Lake and follow the signs to Johnson Space Center. You will be heading North East on Nasa Road One for about 2.5 miles when you will see Space Center Houston on your left.

Continue on Nasa Road One. When you come to HWY 146 in Seabrook, go thru this intersection (Stop if the light is red of course!) and follow the street through Seabrook all the way to Todville Road. Watch your speed, we love our children.

Turn left and follow the signs to Maas Nursery.

281-474-2488 VOICE

Hours of Operation
9:00 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Sat
10:00 am to 5:30 pm Sunday

Print and bring with you so you don’t get lost!