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Sweet alyssum in one of the most loved of all the fall and spring annuals.  Alyssum is loved for it’s low growing and branching habit, its constant blooming and its sweet fragrance.

New varieties of alyssum, Snow Princess, Dark Knight,  and Blushing Princess, can take the summer heat.  Imagine alyssum year round!  These new varieties of Lobularia  grow from 4-8″tall, have a trailing habit, need full to part sun, and are perennial in zones 9-11!

Alyssum is a native to southern Europe and has no problem growing and thriving in our area.  The dense clusters of tiny flowers bloom in white, lavender, pink or purple.  The fragrance is sweet like honey; just imagine that scent by the front door to greet your guests, wow!

Alyssum is perfect for border plantings in the landscape or as the spiller in mixed containers or in hanging baskets.  Cut plant back to keep it from getting leggy.

Plant Profile:

Full Sun to part shade

Up to 1’tall with up to a 24” spread

Blooms fall to summer, year round in a frost-free area

Attracts bees and butterflies

Sweet Alyssum Varieties:

Golf Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritima

E 1572

Golf has honey-scented ball shaped flower heads in rose, violet, white and pink.

4-5” tall









Easter Basket Alyssum 

easter basket alyssumTiny pastel colored flowers, lavender, pink, white, deep rosy pink and violet.  These blooms are very fragrant.

3-5” tall and 8-10” wide

Space 3-6” apart







Snow Crystals sweet alyssum, Lobularia maritima

Snow Crystals was introduced in 1988.  This alyssum is a tetraploid alyssum; it has twice the chromosomes of the older varieties of sweet alyssum. Snow Crystals has a sweet scent, is a low growing mounding plant.

6-10” tall & 12-14” wide

Space 12-16”






Clear Crystal sweet alyssum, Lobularia maritima

crystal clear alyssum

Clear Crystal has extra large fragrant flowers in shades of lavender, purple and white.  Clear Crystal sweet alyssum is the first tetraploid alyssum to have pigmented colors.

6-10”tall & 12-14”wide

Space 6-10”








Snow Princess alyssum (Lobularia hybrid)

alyssum snow princessHeat tolerant, fragrant white blooms, sun to part sun.  Needs good drainage.

4-8” tall

Trails up to 24”

Space 8-10”