In the Garden

By: Shirley Holguin

“…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.”                                                      John 14:6


It’s a delight to proclaim that The good LORD has chosen “LIFE” as His annual theme for 2018!


“Chai” is the Hebrew word for “Life”. Not only is “Chai” a word but it is also a beloved and popular symbol in Judaism. The two letters that spell “Chai” are Chet and Yud. In Judaism, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value. The numerical value of Chet is 8, and the numerical value of Yud is 10; totaling 18. Now, how cool (and perfect) is that, that The LORD would choose “LIFE” as His theme for 2018!


The LORD’s annual theme is always a timely word for us, and it’s marvelous how He interestingly transitions from one theme to another each year. What a great theme He has chosen for this year. No doubt there are countless messages interwoven in this theme of “LIFE”. Could one be to counter the “spirit of murder in the land” (quote by my friend); and a reminder that Life is precious, Life is a wonder.


The verse this year’s theme is based upon (John 14:6) embodies the authority and sovereignty of The LORD JESUS CHRIST. It makes a definite distinction between the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger, to the suffering servant hanging on the cross, to the King in a royal robe seated on His heavenly throne!!


According to Scripture, there is only one way to Life. John 14:6 raises the question, “Why is Christ the only One entitled to claim the above position and to make this royal
decree?” Let’s explore the Scriptures to try to understand and to try to answer this age-old question which has sparked much debate and division among men. Understandably, this is predicated on the belief that The Bible is the Word of G-d.


John tells us, “G-d is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) Since the only access to G-d is in the spirit, what is it about The LORD JESUS that qualifies Him to be this One in the spirit?


In the first chapter of Matthew, it is written that Mary’s conception of the child in her womb was of the Holy Ghost, not from the seed of man. The Bible also states that this supernatural conception was prophesied.


Although the concept itself is a mystery, it is in the seventh chapter of Isaiah that such an event was prophesied; and the fifth chapter of Micah even tells the birthplace of Him that is to be the ruler of Israel, which is Bethlehem Ephratah aka the City of David. In the second chapter of Luke he heralds the advent of a Saviour would be in Bethlehem, which is Christ The LORD.


The LORD JESUS Himself said He is the Son of G-d (John 10:36). So, if you will knit together and ponder in the garden of your heart the declarations He made in John 10:36 and John 14:6; and if G-d is Spirit, and If The LORD JESUS CHRIST is born of the Holy Spirit, who then other than The LORD JESUS is worthy to be Saviour of the world?


Let’s ring in the New Year with thanksgiving to G-d and with a toast to G-d!


                                                            ” L’ Chaim! “
                                                           ” To LIFE! “