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 Herbs are so easy to grow in the Houston area!

This category includes plants that at some time in history have been considered valuable for seasoning, medicine, fragrance, or general household use. As you look through this list of plants, you can recognize certain herbs because they bear the species name officinalis– meaning sold in shops , edible, medicinal, recognized in the pharmacopoeia. Today harvest is used almost entirely for seasoning foods.Herbs are versatile. Some creep along the ground, making fragrant carpet. Others are shrublike. Many make attractive pot plants. However, many herbs do have a weedy look, especially next to regular ornamental plants. Many herbs are hardy and adaptable. Although hot, dry, sunny conditions with poor but well-drained soil are usually considered best for most herbs, some thrive in shady, moist locations with light soil rich in humus.

Many of the commonly grown herbs are interesting enough that they make nice additions to any landscaped area, not just confined to the vegetable garden!

Anise ! Basil Bay Bee Balm
Borage Burnet Chamomile Caraway
Catnip Cayenne Chervil Chinese Celery
Chives Comfrey Coriander Costmary
Dill Fennel Foxglove Garlic
Geranium Ginger Horehound Horseradish
Hyssop Lambs Ear Lavender Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass Lemon Verbena Marigold Mint
Oregano Parsley Pennyroyal Pyrethrum
Rosemary Rue Sage Santolina
Sassafras Savory Shallots Southwood
Tansy Tarragon Thyme Vanilla Grass
Watercress Yarrow