Lantana can fill a lot of different needs in a full sun garden. Lantana is a plant that has so many choices of bloom colors, from Chapel Hill yellow, to Dallas red to light purples to bi-color blooms like Confetti. Lantana will bloom continuously in frost free areas and is evergreen. Other differences are the size, some are fast growing and others are more moderate, getting from 16″ tall for the ground covers to 6′ tall and wide for the shrubs. What they all have in common is that butterflies love them.


Type: Perennial – evergreen, ground cover-shrub

Blooming Season: Blooms continuously in frost free areas

Color: Pinks, red, purples, yellow, white.

Garden habitat: In a garden or container — or as a ground cover.

Exposure: Full sun.

Highlights: Deer resistant, attracts butterflies, moderate to fast grower.

Lantana Photo By Jim Maas