Geraniums are beautiful plants that are generally grown as annuals, but with very mild winters or if overwintered indoors, they can be perennial.  These plants are gorgeous additions to your garden or container plantings – both for their foliage (some with amazing scents) and flowers.

 Scented geraniums usually have small, non-showy flowers, but the foliage is striking and there are some incredible fragrances too.  Mint, rose, apple, lemon, chocolate and citronella are some of the scents available in geraniums.  Scented geraniums are more shrub-like than other varieties.

 Ivy-leafed geraniums are great for hanging baskets, container plantings or window boxes because of their trailing habit.  Flowers can be single or double and come in shades of red, pink, purple or white.

 Zonal geraniums or common geraniums have both incredible foliage and beautiful flowers.  Their leaves can be multicolored.  Flowers are single, semi-double or double in shades of red, pink, purple, orange, white and sometimes yellow.

 All geraniums require well-drained, fertile soil with lots of organic matter.   However, they do not like to be over-fertilized.  A little fertilizer goes a long way with geraniums.  Go organic, if you can, with Microlife.  They will thrive in part sun or part shade in our climate as long as they get morning sun and not afternoon sun.

Geraniums do not like wet feet, so let them dry out between watering.  Geraniums will bloom even more profusely if you deadhead them. Ahhhhh geraniums!  Enjoy their gorgeous blooms until the summer halts their production.  No worries though, the blooms will return when the weather cools again. Just remember to bring them in for the winter, protect them from the cold in the ground or grow them as annuals and plant new, exciting varieties each year.





Type: Annual

Season: Spring – fall

Color: Red, coral, pink, white, mixed.

Garden habitat: Garden, container, hanging baskets, container spiller.

Exposure: Full Sun to part sun.

Care: Needs good drainage.

Citronella Geranium