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caladiumCaladiums come in many colors and add great color and shape to flowerbeds. Anytime after Mother’s Day when the soil has warmed up is a good time to plant. Planting the bulbs when the soil is still cool will rot the bulbs.
Planting/Care: For best results plant in shade where drainage is good and there is easy access for watering. Plant the tubers point side up about 1-1/2 inches deep. There are some varieties that are sun tolerant. They include Red Frills, Red Flash, Red Ruffles, Carolyn Whorton, Florida Sweetheart, Pink Beauty and White Wing to name a few. Caladium foliage comes in color blends of green, white, pink, red and metallics. 
Leaves can be shaped like hearts, arrows,or lances. Bloom time is not applicable, summer flowering. Mature size HxW 12-16 and 12-18 inches. Maintain moist growing conditions and feed the caladiums with a slow release fertilizer.
Caladiums are a great plant for landscaping background planting or in beds of other shade loving plants like ferns, English ivy, lirope or ajuga.